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THNQ is a team of deeply experienced entrepreneurs who use their hard-earned, diverse experience to help companies, leaders, and entrepreneurs Start, Scale, and Solve anything in business. We call ourselves Ninjas. 


How this is carried out: 

  1. An open-source set of tools and processes called The Entrepreneur Roadmap

  2. Fractional CEO, CxO work in Sales Process, Product/Market Fit, Succession Development 

  3. Workshops, Webinars, and Classes designed to improve business experience 
  4. Ongoing, regular mentoring and facilitation

Colin Christensen


The People Ninja is the Conductor. Colin gets all the parts of the orchestra working together. He reviews culture and the CORE of the business. Getting the leadership and employees aligned and rowing in the same direction. Experience in setting foundations for new-revenue businesses up to $25M businesses. 
steve martens photo.jpg
Steve Martens


Steve is our Product Ninja (an actual Ninja too). He reviews and improves any product or service to be optimum for the market through research and engineering. He has worked with dozens of businesses to improve their product/market fit as well as taken 5 product/companies to market through investment and sales.
Michael kroll headshot.jpg
Michael Kroll


The Sales Ninja creates solid sales processes and helps open doors to 10x the opportunities to improve your revenue. Mike has worked with several multi-billion-dollar companies around North America as well as dozens of SME’s in the local market. This guy opens doors.


An analogy from historical research: Standard Consultants are Samurai. We are Ninjas. 

SAMURAI are fiercely proud of their skills, their status, and their image. They are heavily armoured and have dozens of tools. They are out to build a great name for themselves – a reputation – sometimes at the cost of their client. They often don’t play well with others and engage, or exit based on their own best interests. 

NINJAS are the opposite. They are known for a spirit of generosity, creativity, and community. They work in the shadows using simple and available tools. They are committed to carrying out the plans of their client – regardless of the costs to them. They are renaissance men who are highly effective, yet humble. Visit our website for more details on this analogy.


Talent is everywhere. Great values are rare. To be a Ninja means adhering to these values: 

  • We make our client the hero 

  • We live to serve 

  • We always do what is right 

  • We leave our wisdom with the client 

  • We are teachers

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