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No one is an expert at everything. There is always a benefit in having another set of eyes on a problem to clear blind-spots.

We are your Adjunct Advisory team.

Our process is simple:

  1. Take the Q20 Business Health Checkup. This will give you an overview of where your business might benefit from attention. 

  2. We meet for a pitch-free 90-minute session with you and your leaders. This will help us get to know one another and see if there is alignment in our values and ability to work together.

  3. Invest $4728 in an objective assessment. This is an hour or two with a few key team members, a few client prospects that have said “no” to your offering, and a few current clients. The report will take about 2 calendar weeks to return to you.

  4. Once completed, we will meet to discuss the findings and present the options of engaging us or doing it yourself. Doing it yourself is a real option, not a sales technique. We respect your needs and desires.

An important bonus in Alberta: The Canada Alberta Job Grant allows for up to $10,000/employee/year to cover 2/3 of the costs of any of our programs if accepted.

Want to get started on your own? Take a look at The Entrepreneur Roadmap. Dozens of tools and DIY forms to make your life and business better.

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