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Leadership Development Program - 200

Price: $3868/leader

This is a level 200 course. It is available for those who have gone through the level 100 course.

Our leadership training works because we create practical, easy to implement tools and a runway for working with the leaders to engage their skills in day to day activities.

Everything we do as the Ninjas has been boiled down through years of experience to be practical, easy to implement and to create true "ah ha!" moments in our leadership candidates. We bring this to you in the form of real-world, hands on training.

Our lessons are designed to arrest common thinking and introduce new ways of being.

This training is 30 hours through Group, and One-on-one training delivered by Colin Christensen.



  • We take the team to another level with a half-day off-site to continue to gel the team in fun, and deeply actionable ways. The team will walk out of the day with more clarity and direction than you have seen in a while. This is done 4 times over the program.

- 16 hours total

  • Deepened personal profiles and quick assessment tools

  • Conflict resolution and empathy

  • Maturing personal Values and Mission

  • Extending alignment and diversity through your team

  • Monthly group practical discussions through in-class training, peer mentoring facilitated by Colin and building personal accountabilities towards skills required.

- 6 hours total

  • Maturing in leading yourself

  • Taking leadership of others to a new level

  • Facilitation, pitching, and public speaking



  • Quarterly touch points with the leaders to have one-on-one training.

- 8 hours total

  • Customized personal interactions to train personal leadership style using a large suite of proven tools

  • Case studies both internal and external

  • Best practices from world-renowned leaders

  • Book studies and discussions




"Colin was able to simplify the process into bite sized pieces that were engaging and interesting. He is a great facilitator that truly loves what he does, and loves helping others."

-- Tim


"I gained a magnitude of knowledge from him and the materials that he shared with us during the short conference (dare I say, even more than in the business classes I have taken at the university), in regards to not only startups and how to help your business succeed, but how to read people and communicate with them effectively."

-- Kimberly


"He presented the information in a way that was very approachable and relatable. His professionalism and motivating energy in his delivery also contributed to the great success of the event."

-- Amie

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