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Improve Your Business Experience

This is one of the tag lines for our business and - I'd argue - descriptive of what you are trying to do right now.

We all get into business only to discover there is so much more to know. As we experience this, often our stress goes up and we lose the zeal we once had for our business. Here at ThinQ, we want to help you change both of these.

The illustration above explains the model.

If the big circle is everything there is to know about business (bigger than even the brilliant mind of the late Peter Drucker), then no one can know it all.

We would all agree that a New Entrepreneur might know just a little... enough, really, to get themselves into trouble. Represented by the small red circle.

The Average Entrepreneur has scuffed their knees a few times and has maybe emptied their pockets along the way. We would agree they know more than the New Entrepreneur. They are represented by the larger red circle.

Then there's you: You've been in business a while. You may have even come from years of experience in the industry you're in. So, you would know quite a bit about your business. I would venture that you know more than I do or any of our Ninjas in your respective area. That's you in the middle - the centre of our attention.

This is where we come in. Each of the Ninjas has extensive experience, like you, in their respective industries and skill sets. Every one is different and often offset - although there is overlap. Each one brings a different set of valuable resources and wisdom to the table.

If you are going to improve your wisdom around business, you need to be able to see around corners - to see through blind spots and build your experience.

As you grow your knowledge of business through our help, you also grow in your enjoyment of business. Your life and business get easier and your stress levels go down.

We believe you can love your business more than you do now and more than you did in the beginning.

The blog posts we are putting out are designed to be a free resource for you to improve your business experience. Please use them and get all you can from them.

If you do require further insight, reach out to us and have us in for a meeting with your leadership team. You will be surprised that we don't pitch you. We are here to help your business be awesomer


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