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Double Your Revenue - As Often As You Like

There are only three ways to increase sales revenue. More clients, more spent per client, more frequency of the client buying. The power is in multiplying them.

Let's start with a baseline: you have 100 clients spending $100 each time they buy and they buy once per month. That gives us $10,000 per month.

If you increase any one of these by 30%:

  • 30 more clients

  • $30 more spent each time

  • 30% increase in buying frequency

You will see a 30% increase in revenue - $13,000. That's nice, right?

Here's where it helps to have paid attention in math class:

  • Increase any two and you don't get 60% increase, you get 69%.

  • Increase all three and you get 120% increase.

That takes you from $10,000 to $16,900 or $21,970 respectively - double your revenue.

It may take you a month to increase all three, it may take you a year. As fast as you can grow these, your company will grow exponentially.

Fun with figures.

Thank you to Chet Holmes International for this illustration.


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